R1R Shock Fill Tool

This is the best shock nitrogen fill tool on the market. Whether autocross, road race, motorcycle, off-road, oval, or dirt track the features of the R1R Shock Fill Tool can’t be beat. The hose has six degrees of rotation with a no loss Schrader connection chuck that make it easy to attach and detach from the shock Schrader valve even in tight spaces. The body of the tool fits nicely in your hand to allow easy filling. The precision bleeder button is awesome. This tool is much easier to use than the typical shock fill tool because of the flexible hose, degrees of rotation and bleed button.


- flexible hose with six degrees of rotation

- loss-less Schrader connection chuck

- precision bleed valve (red button)

- low loss when checking pressure

- 400 psi capability

$75 plus $8 shipping

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Down Load Instruction Manual (PDF)Products_files/R1R%20Shock%20Fill%20Tool%20Instructions.pdf

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